Month: September 2019

Salads, Sides, Whole Plant-Based Recipes

German Potato Salad

I’m pretty sure everyone has those meals that just remind you of your childhood and family gatherings. That is this one for me. ALL the credit for this one goes to my mom and Oma. I should call it ‘Oma’s Potato Salad’ since my mom is also an ‘Oma’! This recipe is used by everyone […]

Breakfast, Snacks

Strawberry Overnight ‘Groats’

WHAT ARE GROATS?? I’m guessing mostly everyone has heard of Buckwheat. Maybe just from the movie The Little Rascals? Buckwheat Groats are the seeds from a buckwheat plant! And yes, buckwheat is a seed, and not actually ‘wheat’. Confusing, right? IS BUCKWHEAT HEALTHY? Absolutely. I wouldn’t have a blog post dedicated to it if it […]