Hi. My name is Melanie and I’m the creator of The Friendly Cookie. My ‘Why’ for sharing healthy, plant-based recipes and tips is simple. I want to inspire others to lead a healthy life. I have always LOVED creating recipes and making healthy food taste delicious! You will learn tips and tricks, and the recipes will be simple and easy for all levels of kitchen experience.  

Many of the recipes will be created using whole foods (free from refined sugars, refined flours, low in oils, and low in processed foods) but I am a sucker for delicious foods. I love to ‘veganize’ comfort foods that feed the soul. They fall under the ‘Weekend Vegan’ category and they should be limited to about 10-20% of your food intake in order to ensure the majority of your intake is from healthy, nutritious, whole plant foods.

Please reach out if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog.  


My health journey started when I was about ten years old. I remember the exact moment when I was shopping with my mom and sister. I came to realize that although my sister was four years older and taller, my jeans size was larger. It didn’t even don on me until that moment that I had struggled with my weight. I grew up in a German household where Bratwursts, Schnitzel, Haribo gummy bears, German Tortes, and Chocolate were daily staples. Visibly upset, I turned to my mom for comfort and she told me that the best thing to do would be to go on a ‘diet’. This would turn the next ten years into trying every fad diet that has ever existed which turned into an unhealthy relationship with food. 

During high school, I was very active in sports and was able to manage my weight. However, I was struggling with digestive issues. The doctors were of little to no help and encouraged medication for ‘IBS’. The only recommendation was to take medication, and not one doctor encouraged diet changes. After University, I decided to continue schooling and enrolled in a Holistic Nutrition Program. I learned about the importance of good nutrition vs ‘fad’ diets and became aware of the health impact of eating animal foods. This began my love of reading and learning about nutrition. Books such as The China Study, Healthy at 100, and Diet for a New America really opened my eyes. I became a raw vegan chef, provided nutrition consultations, and taught nutrition seminars. 

Ultimately, I followed my other passion and pursued a job in law enforcement. Healthy eating and recipe creation will always be what brings me the greatest joy, along with being with family, playing soccer, painting, and doing yoga. 

I started following a plant-based diet after learning about the health benefits. It wasn’t until the last few years when I began researching more about the environmental impacts and animal rights. Plant-based eating not only IS the future but it has to be the future to sustain our planet.