Pink Waffles
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Pink Vegan Waffles

  I have a thing for waffles. And I have a thing for hearts (Check out my Instagram for my Hearts stories highlight!) So you better believe I’m going to make a recipe for pink Valentine’s Day themed waffles. I’m sure there are many questions floating around as to how you make pink vegan waffles! […]

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Strawberry Overnight ‘Groats’

WHAT ARE GROATS?? I’m guessing mostly everyone has heard of Buckwheat. Maybe just from the movie The Little Rascals? Buckwheat Groats are the seeds from a buckwheat plant! And yes, buckwheat is a seed, and not actually ‘wheat’. Confusing, right? IS BUCKWHEAT HEALTHY? Absolutely. I wouldn’t have a blog post dedicated to it if it […]